Tuesday, May 16, 2006

WHOO! Ellen Meister gets great review

My incredibly talented pal Ellen Meister just got a great review for her upcoming novel, Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA from Kirkus. Kirkus is a tough nut to crack, but they said, "Comical yet poignant read without too much melodrama."

You can read the entire review on Ellen's blog, and it gives a nice description of the book. This novel is going to be a blockbuster. And Ellen is total cupcake -- smart, pretty, talented, and as sweet and nice as they come.


Ellen said...

As John F. Kennedy once said, Ich bin ein cupcake, or something like that.

Susan, I may be a cupcake, but you're an apple dumpling. Thanks so much for this plug!


laura petrie said...

Just placed my Amazon pre-order. It looks like a fabulous read, and has the DiPlacido seal of approval -- who could ask for more!

SusanD said...

Oh Mrs. Petrie, you're gonna love it, I'm sure. Ellen is the best! (well besides, you ;))

Ellen said...

Thank, Laura Petrie! I appreciate that! Hope you like it enough to recommend it to Millie and Jerry.

Susan, were your ears ringing this morning? Mr. Ellen and I were saying all sorts of nice things about you.

SusanD said...

Mr. Ellen, I like that! My ears weren't ringing, I actually slept in this morning -- on a workday! It was great. I felt like such a rebel not showing up at the office until 8:30. Thanks for saying nice things :)