Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Best. Results. Of The Year.

America voted: Wallet chains and gratuitous glaring are out. Rock-n-roll survives.

Sometimes, there are no words. So I give you this photo essay. Tomorrow, there will be a guided tour of this gallery. But for now, just enjoy it in silence. Or at least with a lack of screaming.


Don Capone said...

Ryan kind of sprung the news on Chris there, didn't he? Ironically, I think this might have been Chris's best week. He handled the Elvis songs well, but you're right—Chris needs to crack a smile once in a while when he sings. Simon was disappointed. But at least Chris won't have to sing those lame-o songs the American Idol is forced to record.

meep said...

Susan. Honestly, I think the powers that be are reading your blog. And taking notes.

I haven't watched the show yet. I came here first. Your screen captures are priceless and say it all.

Terrie said...

Elliott's fans are reading and taking notes. Thank you for posting the screen caps.

That sendoff for Chris was chilly. He was cold cocked by an unexpected hook to the ego. Does he not check Dial Idol?

The Taylor singout was meant to set him up as the bad guy target for the angry Chrisaders -- and scare his fans who have not had to endure the weekly elimination drama thus far.

And we want to feed Elliott to this monster? I'm having voter's remorse -- almost.

Suki said...

Cupcake did it, this is so good. Was Simon disappointed, really, really disappointed?

Ellen said...

Last night was amazing television. Really, it's not often that I actually whoop when I'm watching tv, but this show did it for me. They manipulated us perfectly. It was exquisite.

My very smart husband said he's come to the conclusion that the judges don't really care who wins. The money is in the ratings (and phone calls). And boy, do they know how to pull those strings. They've made addicts out of us, haven't they?

But so what. It's fun. Harmless fun. And last night was the best.

Buh-bye, Chris!

Myfanwy Collins said...

Susan, the first thing I said at "the news" was, "What's Susan going to think???"

I think Ryan takes a special glee in knocking the down off their high horses. He was almost sadistic in the way he led Chris up to that moment ("some people say you're a shoe-in" yadda yadda) and then boom!

Wow. Love the photo essay. It says it all.

SusanD said...

Suki -- Simon's head didn't explode over it, but I think he was unhappy that it wasn't Katharine. But by now he MUST be resigned to the fact that Taylor is unstoppable. Our cupcake gets THREE songs. And a big hoopla at home this week!

Ellen -- your husband is very smart, and I'm starting to agree with him. It took me until last week to figure out the phone agenda, but he's right about that. I have a question -- can we still be friends while Cupcake and Tay-tay battle it out? Or must we become sworn enemies?

Myfanwy -- Ryan was sadistic on that one, wasn't he? Pretty fun. And he didn't belittle the voters at all for rolling that way, either!

Meep -- oh, by all means, watch it! It's even better with sound!

Terrie -- Oh man. I know what you mean about sending Elliott off into their clutches. I think it's too late to reverse it now, though. And the thing is, I'm NOT his mother. He's a grown man, and he knows what he wants. If I had any inkling that HE didn't really want to win, I'd be very ambivalent. But I get the feeling he REALLY wants to win and is aware of what it would get him into. He knows what's best for him, and as long as he wants it, I want it for him.

Don -- I will miss laughing at Chris singing the winner's song. But at least I'll always have the memory of him doing that awful group song.

Ellen said...

Susan. Lol. We can still be friends. Frankly, I love watching it, but have precious little emotional investment in the thing--especially now that Chris is gone. I would have hated seeing him beat Taylor OR Elliott. But now that he's gone, I feel like there's no losing.

cousin bernice said...

Best. Photo. Essay. Ever. :-)

Terrie said...

Yeah, Susan, Elliott totally wants this. This week he proved he has the competitive fire. I think Chris, the male judges and the AI producers are overdue for a lesson in humility -- and who better to teach them than Elliott.

Did you know that you have a huge fan, user name Lothlorien, at the AI boards who posts excerpts from and links to your blog? I am so glad he turned me onto your wickedly funny writing. You and Dave White of the Advocate are the most entertaining AI commentators.

Thanks for the great stuff!

Terrie said...

In pictures 3, 7 and 14, where Chris has the pursed lips and inflated cheeks, do you think he threw up a little in his mouth?

Although my favorite might be picture 8, where he looks like the good ol' boy version of Joey Tribbiani. "How y'all doin'?"

SusanD said...

Ellen -- no losing? How 'bout if Kat wins?

cousin bernice -- glad you liked that ;)

Terrie -- I've lurked at the boards where Loth is, he's very cool! I didn't know he read here, I love that, tell him I said thanks!

And you cracked me up! That is a Joey Tribbiani look! We can only hope he puked a little.