Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm with Coco

File this under a couple of pathetic sections. First, how the chronically unemployed fills her time. Second, how lowering the bar on goals makes for excessive happiness when they're met. Fulfillment through silly expectations is still wonderful fulfillment. So, here's what I managed to accomplish in the past month. I got a picture on Conan last night. YAY!

As you may know (should know if you're a Conan O'Brien viewer) is that Coco loves to keep his fans engaged. He's got his "ha ha I made an error" thing going on right now and they've also just opened the Coco Moca -- the Museum of Conan Art. Before the Coco Moca was even opened though, they had used fan art as bumpers after commercial breaks, so I made it my mission to get a piece on the show. So I basically frittered away a month doing drawings of Conan. Not a bad way to spend a month. (Some would argue that, but, fuck 'em!) Anyhow, when I saw they'd opened the Coco Moca, I was lucky enough to have a picture on the front page there, and I figured my TV aspirations were shot to shit. But then last night I did a string dance of joy when I saw one of my works appear just before the Chris O'Donnell segment. YAY!

Thank you Team Coco. And let this be a lesson to you, kids. Keep cool, my babies, and remember that sophomoric priorities and irrelevant determination actually can lead to validation.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Into the Sunset - ABNA Quarterfinalist

Congrats to Don Capone! His comic novel, Into the Sunset is a quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. That's whittled down to just 250 entries from an original 5,000! Yay, and well deserved!

Check out his excerpt right here.