Monday, May 22, 2006

The Last of Great Dames

Watching last night's "Sopranos" episode, I got a little charge right as the opening credits were rolling because I saw that Sharon Angela was listed. Sharon's been on The Sopranos since the first season, but mostly as a bit player, as the late Jackie Aprile's wife, and Carmela's best friend, Rosalie Aprile. She may have a small part, but I've always loved Rosalie. If anyone even looks at Carm the wrong way, Rosalie doesn't hesitate to cut that person off at the knees. She's a little bawdy, extremely ballsy, and despite her devastating losses, Rosalie's always been able to pick herself, and everyone else, back up.

Last night, she and Carmela took a trip to Paris. Rosalie, she didn't disappoint. She saw the sights, drank plenty of wine, ate the foie gras, consoled her pal while she was having an existentialist crisis, hooked up with a 26 year old French stud, and even when Carm rattled Rosalie to the bone, Rosalie invited her to join her on her hot date. And the whole time, Rosealie's attitude was "this is fucking cool."

They just don't make many women like that anymore. And I don't mean just on television, I mean in life. It made me want to pack up Rosalie and Paula Abdul and go on a trip to Europe.


laura petrie said...

So I'm inviting myself on your European road trip. The thought of seeing the sights with you, Ro, and Paula is too good to pass up. When do we leave?

SusanD said...

I hear April in Paris is nice, but that'd be too long to wait. Plus, it'd totally interfere with the AI schedule next year ;) We'll get cracking on something this summer, Laura!

Jackson Scales said...

I KNEW you had something to say about the Sopranos! Hey, I agree with ya wholeheartedly on Rosalie Aprile. Always been one of my favorite characters, even when she married that Ralphie, I forgave her for it. As a character, she is one tough, practical broad, yet always keeps her feminity in tact.

Keep plugging, Susan. Hope to see you in Paris or Reno one day!