Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend odds and ends

Kevin Spacey hosted SNL this weekend. His opening monologue was an instructional performance on how he could win American Idol, including how he'd stop mid-song to woo the drunk, Puerto Rican judge. If you missed it but want to see it, Gray Charles has a link to the You Tube of it. Gray also has a link to the news section where they brought "Taylor Hicks" back for a little cameo, telling us how he'll win American Idol by doing what he does best: "sing from the heart and scare little children."

In other AI news, message boards haven't stopped exploding since Elliott's ouster. I thought the Daughtry outrage would be the peak of the season, but apparently not. Now, it's not just Elliott fans, though. Daughtry fans, Elliott fans, and Taylor fans really, really hate Katharine McPhee. Now, everything is her fault. (snicker)

I just want to say that I have no love for Katharine McPhee, but all the fat jokes really freak me out. Say what you want, but she is beautiful, and she's not fat. Sure, she once played a beached whale in a play -- a horny beached whale with expensive fake boobs (I KNEW IT!) -- but that was acting, people. The rumors are swirling about her producer father, and I'm actually sad because I don't think they'll bother with a standard Seacrest sit-down for the finale to clear everything up -- especially if there is truth to the rumors about her father having ties to FOX. But, again, I'm just repeating rumors here, I haven't found any evidence of this at all.

In other news, on Tuesday, Elliott's CD version of "Moody's Mood For Love" will be available for download at iTunes. I'll give a link when I've got it. Someone very thoughtful sent me a download link of it already, and I don't know what to say. I'm guessing they put Ricky Minor in charge of orchestrating and arranging the cuts on the CD, too, because it really kind of sucks. Sure, sure Elliott sounds great. But again, with the fucking band! This time, instead of overwhelming him, it just sounds like bad background porn movie music. I flove "Moody's Mood" and they done fucked it up bad.

Also in Elliott news, he'll be performing with Mary J. Blige for the season finale on Wednesday night. Apparently, Live will be there to perform with Chris, and Meat Loaf will be performing with Katharine. I don't know who they're getting for Taylor yet.


Janet said...

Susan - will you marry me? ;-) I have been devouring every word on this blog since discovering it a few days ago. Your style, your wit, your on-point analyses are fabulous. I love you!

I'm a 52 year old mother of 2 college kids, who enjoys AI, but never to the point of being so emotionally wrapped up in one contestant. But Elliott - damn, he did it for me. It took awhile. Like many others, I thought Chris was da bomb...but after a few weeks it dawned on me that everything he did sounded the same. Finally, about 3 weeks ago, I realized how incredible Elliott really is. And the "nice guy" factor is the proverbial icing on the cake. I want to adopt this kid!

I've been melancholy since last Wednesday, but discovering TWoP and your site has comforted me beyond measure. It is so gratifying to see how many people feel the same way I do, and I am 100% certain that for Elliott the best is yet to come - and that it will be, in the long run, far better and longer lasting than anything Taylor or (shudder, please.god.NO!) Kat ever experiences.

Keep up the great work - you are now a staple in my daily online diet!

steph said...

I love your blog! kat-the-bitch IS NOT fat. I think she's got a great body. She's a bitch, but she ain't fat.

anyways, I still heart elliott. best american idol evah!

trudi said...

Every song on the AI album sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom accompanied by a Casio digital piano. What a cheap ass outfit.

I'll download Elliott's song off of itune. I won't buy the CD and feed the AI machine that has no respect for its audience.

Anita said...

I don't know ... I think this is kinda weird. Kat fans (or phans, as they call themselves :::eyeroll::: ) are calling a designated florist in Kat's hometown and ordering a rose for her. They are to be delivered to her home, en masse, AND they are trying to break some Guiness World Record (smelliest house?!).

It's ... a ... different.

SusanD said...

Aw, Janet, thanks so much! I'm so glad Elliott won you over. He's only going to get better as he gets more experience, that's for sure.

Steph-- thank you!

Trudi -- Ugh, so it's the whole CD that sounds so shabby? WHY? It's not like they don't have the money and means to do it right. But I'm glad it's not just Elliott's cut that sounds bad.

Anita -- well. I hope she enjoys those half-dozen roses! If it was Taylor, I'd be worried his house would be buried. But shouldn't be a problem for the McPhees.

Anonymous said...

hi susan, can't wait to hear your analysis of the finale and the results show. anyhoo, i'm listening to elliott's cut and i just love love love to hear his voice studio session-even if it is a bit porno as you say. but heh heh, elliott and porn hmmm.... they do know their marketing don't they?

ha ha, i love it! i'm also listening to the brian mcknight version and it's also swoon-worthy. brian handles the song like the crooner he is. sigh swoon.. thud. but it's just so lovely to hear golden elliott's golden tone doing this song. he is every bit as exciting on track as i thought.

Anonymous said...

oh god, i just listened to katharine on the cd and ow. jeepers that hurt. GO ELLIOTT!!!!!

V.J. said...

Kat in a recent interview even said that she doesn't care if she's runner-up....shhe said he and Taylor will automatically have the most success. Right when she said that, I felt like slapping her, haha.....I feel so bad for Elliott, he should be in Her place. Iwish him the most success.