Thursday, May 18, 2006

Which one ... I supposed to be jealous of here?

Look at that, will you? Paula even dressed reminiscent of Tinkerbell for her little lost boy last night.

One other thing to note -- I see Elliott hasn't gotten over his fascination with taking everyone else's picture, even after the ugly (and hilarious) Nicky Hilton incident.

Good for him. Love you, Pauler!

Fucking Nigel. He's such a killjoy cooze.


Anonymous said...

Oh..My boy has his camera again...
Desperately love to see what the pics Elliott took. Maybe he would post them on some fan sites someday?

SusanD said...

Anon -- yeah, maybe he'll share that Nicky Hilton pic he got ;)

meep said...

OMG - she's doing him from behind.

cam said...

Nice, Paula!

Heeehee, that Nicky Hilton incident made me giggle when I read it a few days ago. Me and Elliott will get along well.

V.J said...

Love that pic Susan.....nice going!.

Joni said...

Susan, I just have to tell you this (finally... or finall-E!). I've been reading your blog since the beginning of Am. Idol, and I love you! You are one funky white girl and you've got good taste in men (Elliott). I've passed your blog URL around to so many people! I'm also huge fan of the Cinderfella myself, although I'm too old to be a "fangirl" so I'm happy with my "fairy godmother" status. Thank you for all of your wonderful and spunk-a-licious blog entries! I love your "keepin' it real" spirit here in cyberspace!
Joni (in Richmond, VA)
p.s. I'm half Italian, so we share that saucy/feisty gene too.

SusanD said...

Aw, Joni, thank you so much! Fairy godmother, I love that. Eeks, I think that's my status, too, based on age. And you're in Richmond! I bet you went to see him at the parade or something. Was it awesome? Thanks for passing along the url to here, I appreciate it, and I'm flattered.

Joni said...

Hi Susan!
Yes, I went to the parade and the rally at the James Center (with the tall buildings). I didn't get to go to the baseball game, dammit!
But, YES, YES, and OMG - YES! It was awesome to see him come home. The crowds were amazing. I've been reading lots of posts at the AI message boards for three months and we didn't really know how many people loved Elliott in Richmond until that day on May 12th. I think we were all just as shocked as Elliott was at the HUGE turn-out. (and he didn't win the vote? Right! He had thousands of people here voting for him! Very fishy!!!)

In case you're missing E like I am,
here's Elliott's Homecoming video on American Idol:

And, this is the local coverage of the motorcade/parade that I also attended:

If you search for E's name at, you'll find more videos!

Keep up the good work here on your blog. I love your writing, pictures, thoughts... ALL of it! I especially love the "asshole" pics! :)

SusanD said...

You crack me up, Joni. I'm so glad you're in Richmond -- one of his enthusiastic fans! And THANK YOU for the you tube vid links. Those are amazing.