Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh, and ...

A couple other AI tidbits. Queen's Brian May posted a message on his site today concerning the ACE controversy. Read it here. Basically, he blames the editors for splicing tape badly to make Ace look even worse. But then he does say that the version of the song we heard was "a DIRECT RESULT of his (Ace's) own ingenuity." Ha ha! Okay, so that's tacky editing too. It goes on to say that he LIKES the version Ace did, and that they gave it their full blessing. So the cosmos jacked with Ace a bit this past week.

Also, um, wasn't Queen supposed to PERFORM on the show WITH the contestants? Did they creep out on doing that? Or am I just mistaken? Brian May addresses this also on his blog, and says that no, they never intended to perform. He says this experience wasn't about promoting themselves. (BA HA HA HA!) He says they just wanted to help the kids and didn't want commercial gain from it. Which totally explains why they're right now releasing this CD right now!

During the medley they sang, Taylor got to sing his "We Are The Champions." Yeah. That middling bit in the medley was so important it was worth the cosmos jacking him around last week and making him change his song? We'll see what happens with him this week, how they can undermine him. And the funniest part -- how little it will affect his popularity. I think Taylor's fairly locked in for the long haul unless he really fucks up bad for a couple weeks in a row.

Our boy Elliott? I'm cynical, and I tend to think most stuff is rehearsed. However, I really got the impression Elliott was quite shocked when Ryan asked him to sing in the middle of the show like that after he was announced as being in the bottom three. I also have to wonder if this is the cosmos trying to jack the viewing public into shape, though. Ryan seemed preturbed that Elliott was in the bottom three. Though, Ryan is always very chiding about the bottom three. "Look what your votes have done, America!" Guilt on a cracker, Ryan -- someone's gonna be there! But then that would mean that they actually DO eliminate and crown the winner based on votes. Do they actually do that? I'm asking for opinions here. For some reason, I've never been convinced it was all strictly determined by the voting. Nevertheless, if he continues to be beyond swell, I'll vote for Elliott. Anyhow, tossing Elliott out there and letting him sing and tear it up, again, can only help him.

Likewise, singing again, it can only hurt Ace. I will say this though. There are a couple perks to having Ace around again.
1) I get to laugh at him again.
2) For as un-sexy as Ace is, his brother that's always in the audience? Smokin'. I'd hit it.

Kellie and her snot rag and then tossing it to Seacrest? It's official. Last night, all my venom for Chris transferred right to her. Because maybe to me, Chris isn't worthy. But he doesn't SUCK, you know? And he's also not a moronic skank with a crappy voice who shouldn't even be there and who's skating by because Simon wants to fuck her. I don't blame guys for wanting to fuck her. Katharine is just as pretty, but she has that "ice princess" vibe, where guys realize they're not gonna get to tap her ass. But Kellie and that infamous prom picture gives guys hope. I have nothing against sluts. Trust me. I'm pretty slutty. It's the stupid card that pisses me off. Well, the stupid card and the fact that she's not a very good singer and yet people are telling us that she is. And that people are believing it and voting for her! It's gross. But, like with her snot-rag interlude last night, my hope is that they're giving her enough rope to hang herself with. More people have to be seeing this phoniness every week, don't they?

Chris is also going for the slutty look. He had eyeliner on again last night! Make Tim Curry proud, Chris.

Anyhow. So that's all until Rod Steward and his "husky" voice come on next week with the great American songbook collection. I can't wait.


Myfanwy Collins said...


It's official: YOU are my American Idol.

SusanD said...

I think it's official: I'm obsessed and sick! But thank you ;)

Myfanwy Collins said...

OH my god WTF is that prom dress?!?!?!

SusanD said...

You hadn't seen that, huh? I didn't have the nerve to put up one of the big shots of it where you can actually see just how low it dips. It's hilarious :)

Myfanwy Collins said...

It is frightening! She needs a shawl or a big sweatshirt to wear over it.

Don Capone said...

I like that prom dress. : P