Monday, April 03, 2006

Best American Erotica 2007

Well, I'd said before that I'd have some big news to announce soon, so here's the first announcement. A story of mine has been picked for inclusion in Susie Bright's Best American Erotica anthology. This is a yearly publication which highlights a multitude of sex writing. BAE 2006 featured works by John Updike, David Sedaris, Tom Perrotta, Steve Almond, and Gwen Masters, among others.

I'm a longtime fan of Susie Bright, and of this series. When I first started writing, I didn't have aspirations, goals, or dreams. I just started typing away to tell a story. Once I began seeking publication, the Best American Erotica series was a benchmark for me. I honestly never thought I'd actually get there. But it was a dream to have, something to strive for. I'm now humbled and honored and so very grateful that one of my stories is going to be included in the 2007 edition.


Ellen said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Huge, congrats Susan! You're in some pretty hot company there. But of course, they're lucky to have you.

You're just setting the world on fire these days, aren't you?


SusanD said...

Thank you, Ellen. I'm not nearly as lava-hot as you are! But for me, I've definitely over-achieved because people have been very generous with me.

Don Capone said...

That is such hot news ! Congrats! Which story is it?

SusanD said...

Thanks, Don :) It's from Clean Sheets, it's called "Heads Up Poker" and it's really filthy, even by my standards.