Friday, April 28, 2006

Idol Makeovers

One last one to fill the idle time without Idol over the weekend. Much hoopla is being made of the dramatic makeovers seen on some of the contestants this year. I thought I'd take a moment to honor the hard work of the Idol stylists (Mezhgan-makeup, Dean Banowetz - hair, Miles Siggins - wardrobe) by showing you my favorite, most dramatic makeover this year. I give you, from start to finish,

Mr. Chris Daughtry

When we first met Chris during the audition rounds, he was a humble, hard-working little rocker from Virginia. He didn't have all the glam and glitter around him yet, but the raw material was all there and we could see he had star potential, but he was still only a shell of what he'd later become.


During the early rounds, Chris immediately benefited from the classy stage lighting and even began grooming himself for the scrutiny of national television. We got to know his personal musical tastes and he quickly scrambled to the head of the pack.


Our beloved not-rocker falls into the hands of the professional stylists. He learns about eyeliner and has the benefit of smoke machines and wicked cool lighting and a juiced up wardrobe budget as he screams his eggheaded little heart out. Yay Mr. Daughtry! You've become all you were cracked up to be.

Congrats Idol stylists, on a job well done!


Anonymous said...

Hey Susan, do you know your articles are being posted on the American Idol Boards? In the Elliott forum of course. Way to go!

SusanD said...

Really? Well alright, then. That's pretty cool. (i'm a fame whore, too.) It'd be even cooler if they were being posted on the Chris boards though.

down_not_out said...

Oh lord, this is great. Thank you for the giggle.

Who harbors a celeb-crush for Chris