Monday, April 24, 2006

For me, it's them

I had a fun weekend. I got to see/hear Train in concert, and it was great. They're out touring to promote their latest release, For Me, It's You.

Train's sound has changed quite a bit since their self-titled debut album and since their jaunty single "Meet Virginia." But change and growth isn't a bad thing, and I love the sound of this new CD. It more mature, yes. Grown up, even. And, it's even somewhat wistful and melancholy, but not in an overwrought way. And live, there's nothing wistful, they're still a great time. And talk about singing? Their lead singer can still blow. Pat Monahan has a voice that's capable of inducing shivers -- and I mean that in the best way. And he's sure not hard on the eyes either.

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