Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guest Blogger

As much as I'm wishy-washy on The Beatles, another week of AI defiling the Lennon-McCartney songbook is a bit too much for me to take. I'm afraid that halfway through the review, I'd end up looking like this.

Therefore, for this week, I've recruited the help of my good friend and Beatles lover, Don Capone.

Don's a great writer and really funny guy. His debut comic novel Into the Sunset is now available.

And he's also got a great collection of short stories, titled Stories from Sunset Hill.

I'm sure he's going to crack you up. So tomorrow, enjoy the smooth word stylings of Don, while I go lament the absence of Maks from Dancing with the Stars in this manner.


Alice said...

Yay, I'll look forward to Don Capone's take since he loves the Beatles, too. I really enjoyed his serialized story about the death of John Lennon.

I didn't even see Dancing last night. No fun without Maks!

PezKat said...

Ok Susan - a basketball fan and a Maks fan... so what else do we have in common?! I'm loving the dancing though... hot guys with no emotional commitment, and I still get good singers on Idol but I don't have to vote or be nervous on results nights. Not a bad place to be IMO. I do miss Maks, but with Tony, Derek, and Mark (wishing I'd have taped Monday's pro group number just for the Derek/Mark section toward the end), not to mention several of the male contestants... still plenty of scenery. ;-)