Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Idol Odds

Oh. My. God. Wanna catch up with season six's Melinda Doolittle and Chris Timberfake Richardson are up to? Edy's Slow Churned. Don't miss clicking on the different flavors to hear songs about them. Too fucking funny! Are these the bright careers Paula babbles to them about? Then again, I guess if I had my choice of making fat coin from singing about ice cream or sitting my fat ass at a desk all day where the only for amusement is checking out Edy's sites, it's not so funny. And yet, it is! It is that funny!

Also, for those who adore Jason Castro, I found this fansite for him already: Castrocopia. Enjoy!

And if you're still missing Danny, here's his exit interview.

Also? Tonight, for that expansive Lennon-McCartney songbook they've opened up for the kids? 25 songs. That's right. There are 25 songs for 12 of them to pick from. Actually, probably 24 songs for 11 of them, since you know they'll give David Archuleta his top pick. The other ones? They'll probably be assigned and the kids will have to eat shit when the judges rag on their song choice. Not cool, AI. Not cool.


Alice said...

Really only 24 songs for 11 - really funny and sadly, on the mark. I found Danny so charming and fierce, I do miss him already. Thanks for keeping us updated. And what a perfect song for the Castrocopia tonight if the site's spoiler is correct and little Davy hasn't scooped it up.

puppypundit said...


That ice cream site was too embarrassing to watch. Poor Mindy and Blake-less Chris. I still guess it's a step up from pimping the Oscar Mayer Weiner-Mobile ride.

Anita said...

Puppy, I'm SO glad you said it ... I was embarassed for Chris and Melinda ... it was actually hard to watch.

Frankly, I loved Danny! I'm the mom of a 19 year old son, and so many of the things he said or did didn't shock me or make me think poorly of him. It's like that big fuss in politics when the anchor said that Hillary was pimping-out Chelsea ... no biggie in today's language! Although I could have done without the "Have Santa rape your Mom" line ... what a twit! LOL!