Friday, March 14, 2008

Last Call

Well, since no one else has a David Hernandez site, here's a collection of my Mojito's post-boot interviews so far. Yeah, he's borderline desperate for a deal of some sort. But he's also such a fuckin' cutie. Naturally, he doesn't blame AI for sticking him with that song, but I do. He picked two other songs and couldn't have them, so he ended up with that one. But he's got more class than I do and takes it in stride.

David's EW exit interview

Mojito at MSN

on the radio with Ryan

on American Idol Extra, compliments of MJ

AI Extra pt. 2

Also, he'll be on Ellen on Monday, and you know she requires dancing. YAY!

Also of note on AI Extra is that Constantine is back and skeevier than ever. And Sanjaya is always lingering around like Connie v. 2.0.

In the "you can have your Cake and eat it too" news, the band Cake, whose song was used in the Ford commercial this week, was miffed about it yesterday and had a message on their website along those lines. Said message is removed as of today; apparently all the suits smoothed it over and paid up for the song. What? They'd given all the cash to Heather Mills for the Lennon/McCartney songs and couldn't afford the rights to a Cake song for the commercial? So even though it's a non-issue now, I thought I'd mention it because I really like Cake and figured I'd give 'em a link.

Cheers, David. I hope he does get somewhere, cause he does have a really nice voice. And, in the words of Derek Zoolander, he's really, really, ridiculously good looking. He can stay coy, because coy would work on him. But don't be skittish. Own it, Mojito!


trudi said...

"Papa Was a Rolling Stone" was a highlight of this season. Krusty (the Pickler of season 7) should have been shown the door.

He deseved to be on tour.

PezKat said...

Thanks for the media goodies! I saw the ad for Ellen; any idea which day he'll do Regis & Kelly?

Also the info... why am I not surprised he didn't get his top song choice(s)?!!!! Grrrr!!!

PezKat said...

Ok, I got my mini-tribute post done. Also added you in my links! :)

PezKat said...

I found another good one on

Hernandez said he received support from his fellow Top 12 finalists once media reports of his past started to surface.

"I remember one instance when we were upstairs in the bedroom, they all huddled around me and they just gave me a big hug and they were like, 'Don't you get on the Internet! We're going to keep the TV off! We're not going to worry about any of that stuff!'" he recalled. "So it's really like a family. It was sad to leave."