Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Don't Frenchie David!

So, it took longer than usual, but the required "scandals" are finally breaking into the mainstream press about the Idol contestants this year. Drunkards and strippers and skanks, oh my! It's pretty funny when the hotly contested contestants with previous big buck record deals are suddenly backseat news.

All I care about is this: Don't fucking Frenchie David H! I love him! Please, isn't this worth keeping around?

I don't want "Hernando's in Rent" be the new catchphrase at Sucks next year, okay?


Alice said...

Keep the Dancing Queen!

puppypundit said...

That piccie is hot and 100% booger-free.

Long live, David H!

PezKat said...

I was shocked (but thrilled) he made it through last week. The thing with Frenchie is that her situation was related to illegal activity (the website featured minors). David is more like Nikki McKibbin, so they can't outright disqualify him without being discriminatory. Still, I figured they'd non-outright eliminate him last week, as has been done many a time before (eg Anwar).

Gorgeous voice, gorgeous man. Vote, vote, vote! ;)