Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am so mad! I HATE IT ALL!

I find this all terribly unfair to me personally. Last year, they had to rub out AJ Tabaldo. Now, consecutively Danny and David.

The old ladies had their Clay. The old yups had their Taylor and SOULPATROL shit. The straight guys had McPhee and Underwood. Fat folks had Ruben. Diva lovers had all of season three! Tweeners had their stupid Justin and Constantine and Daughtry. WHY IS IT SO FUCKING HARD TO KEEP A HAPPY, HOT GAY GUY AROUND FOR ME? Particularly one that has no problem with nudity! Bitches in this country don't KNOW entertainment!

Oh, I'm so mad. The things I'd have done. I just got the screencaps working 'round here, and I was about to bust out my susanstyle telestrator red pen and point out all the hot minty goodness that was David Mojito Hernandez. But Great Oden's Raven you done all fucked that up, didn't you now?

Well. You know I can't just let shit go. So here's a sample anyhow. (don't you love it when I'm sloshed while watching this show?)

What now? I'm supposed to make do by analyzing Jason Castro's pants? Too late! There's already a site for that.

Aw, fuck it. It's back to vodka for me. But I'm also taking a page from David's auditions. If I can't be with the one I love, I'll love the ones I'm left with. David Cook, Jason Castro, Chikezie, and even Michael Johns -- SING BITCHES! Sing it good!

4 comments: said...

You have to consider who the David Hernandez fans were voting for this week. Unfortunately, his fans are also likely to be David Archuleta fans. When they saw how bad Archuleta did they voted to save him not realizing that they were putting Hernandez in jeopardy. This is another one of those voting peculiarities that has nothing to do with how the public would rank the finalists.

PezKat said...

Sorrow!! :(

tvtrick, not me! This waaaay-not-a -tweener dialed in a couple hundred for our dearly departed and would never consider voting for The Pimped One, meltdown or not. I don't really see it as split votes. David H just had the misfortune of having a middling performance and not having a lock on any particular Idol genre "box" (Syesha - black diva; Kristy - country).

*Sniff* The past 2 years I didn't get a fave into the Top 12 (Will Makar, Rudy C- though I wasn't as attached to Rudy as I am to David). One small step closer this year but still not on the tour, so not close enough. (And Susan, Danny was my 2nd fave too!)

Word Nerd from here on in, but it's purely platonic.

SusanD said...

Thanks Skye. I'm with you though, pez. Totally different people voting, I think. Nevertheless. He DID suck. But still.

Anonymous said...

Poor David. And poor you. Here's to drinks and lapdances for the both of you in the future.