Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ten Comes Eze

Oh, WHY? With Rozerem Ramiele, Smug Syesha, and Cuntry Kristy still there, we just had to boot Chikezie?

We suck at voting. And I really liked him. I am now officially keeping my remaining love to myself, as I feel jinxed at this point and I don't need Castrocopia hunting me down if I put the hex on their honey.

That stupid fake mosh pit sucks. Get the children to sit down for fuck's sake! Old people watch this show and we don't want to see their crappy hand-waving as the kids perform.

I actually felt bad for Carly having to admit that she's not pregnant. Just every available fat cell has migrated from Brooke to Carly since this competition began. Seriously, I'm on this shit. I'll leave Carly alone for eating her way through this. But someone please force a donut down Brooke's face. If she keeps this up, she's going to look older than Michael Johns in a hurry.

Also? I love K Lo! But that song blew.

On the upside, did you see who was in the audience last night? Blurry, but still a cute little tomato and hot mojito.

Fuckin' Chikezie, man. This blows.

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