Thursday, March 13, 2008

He'll Be On Top

I'm still in a bit of a snit today, but figured I might as well get a few more comments out there to get over it and to catalogue the entertainment value we threw away last night.

First, the obvious nasty reaction:
Know how I like to make cracks that some of the AI losers could have lucrative careers in gay porn? Well...

Not since Ryan declared that Paula is the compassionate judge have we had such an unlikely euphemism. But you bet that "Pizza Bistro" has now entered my vocabulary.

No need to kill the cat, he satisfied the curiosity:
David Mojito Hernandez's last words? "I'll be back on top."
Was this a funny Freudian slip?
Was it just unfortunate wording?
Was it his unconscious little subversive rebellion?
Was he deliberate in those words and trying to turn Ryan on?

In other news last night, Jim Carrey was there. Fuck. People talk about how David H was somewhat offputting because he comes off as desperate. I admit to laughing at plenty of Jim Carrey schtick, but this guy's been defining desperate for nearly ten years now. Comics can fall into that mode. Believe me, I understand the desire to be funny to make people like you. But the desperation hits uncomfortable levels when they need to show their artistry and be dramatic. And when that fails to bring them accolades, they revert back to crazy person, or, worse, go for the soft-touch family thing. Gag.

Also there last night? Kat McPhee. Still gorgeous. Still has a great voice. Still sings pretty meh. Couldn't we have sent her home last night instead of David?

Yeah. Still snitty.

But here's my big question that I keep forgetting about: What's the story with the new director? For like, forever, Bruce Gowers has directed the show. There was a brief kerfuffle about a backstage scandal, and it got immediately and efficiently squashed in the media. But now, John Pritchett is directing the show. It's not quite cloak-and-dagger material, but I bet there's some good shit in all that.

Lastly -- Lennon/McCartney again next week. Madone. What, they're going to let the eleven of them pick from the other 13 songs that didn't get used this week?

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Alice said...

I'm so glad you brought up the producer thing. I'd love the skinny on why Gowers left. Nice to keep Mojito on top.