Sunday, May 18, 2008

Za Vashe Zdorov'ye!

Oh! Vodka, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the catalyst for "Pine Barrens" (the greatest Sopranos episode ever) and my pal Irene. As if I wasn't a big enough fan of Russians already, they just made vodka even more fun. George Thorogood and I never have to drink alone again. Or, more precisely, we can drink alone and people can stay off our shit because the genie makes it cheery. I most love the progressive slurring part of this device. I am, on average, not a big "consumer." There are a lot of gadgets, products, brands, and just general crap out there that I don't give a toss about ever buying. But this? I must have one!


Sticky Elbow said...

That's great for paranoid drunks. This has all the feel of something the Japanese would do. Have the Russians turned Japanese?

SusanD said...

sticky -- ha ha! You're right, that does seem Japanese. But I like it.