Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So long Syesha

Well. She's finally gone. Has there been anyone else so consistently in the b2-3 to last as long as she did? It was inevitable, but it sure took a long time.

Good move on the part of the editing team to keep Archuleta's follically-challenged father out of his hometown visit package.

I do have to wonder now, though. I thought it was a done deal that Archuleta would win this year even before the Top 24 started. But I have to say I wouldn't be shocked if David Cook steals his thunder and actually wins. Well, maybe I'd be a little suprised. Then again, did you see how some of the girls just were unable to maintain around him? Crying and sobbing and shit? The girls squeal and clap and hug Archie. But when you're able to make them lose their minds and cry because you're signing their poster? That's some serious mojo.


Don Capone said...

Yeah, that one girl was sobbing uncontrollably when Cook was signing her poster. And did you catch that woman throwing her infant at Syesha like it was a hot potato?

Alice said...

Actually, Susan, our beloved E-cupcake had a rented timeshare in the B-2/B-3 for quite awhile, too.

I think Cook will win, too. At least he's an adult and interesting. I do think those hometown crowds are getting crazy. They seemed so much more reserved in past years. Where is all this crying coming from? And how old does Archie's mom look to you?

SusanD said...

alice -- YES, Archie's mom looks young to me. And hot. It's strange.