Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are-Chyu-Letta-in' the kid win?

I'm savin' it for the finale tomorrow night. So, quickly:

Paula looked pretty.
Nice to see Jim Lampley gettin' work.
What? They couldn't get the "Rocky" theme music for their boxing setup because DWTS was using it?
I love the English aversion to eye-closed singing. Not since Hugh Grant took fruit to the head for it have we seen a Brit so emphatic about it. ALW is alright.
Cook's version of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"? Pussyfied. Can't explain why. Just was.
Archuleta singing all treacly ballads. Check.
Extreme lighting to visually shave 100 years from Clive Davis? Check.
Hasselhoff? Did NOT see him! Sad.


trudi said...

They keep their eyes open when they lie back and think of England, so why not when they sing?

Archie won tonight but DI says he's second.
It's my lot in life to obsess about an AI loser

Don Capone said...

I wasn't as impressed with the evening as the judges were. Honestly, it was kind of boring. And just because Simon declared David A the "knockout" winner doesn't make it so. I want Cook to win, but I sort of don't care, since I've assumed all along they were pushing (rigging) for David A.

Anonymous said...

Why are people obsessed with "rigging" what the hell would be the point! If "the powers that be" fix it because their fav is more "commercial" or "saleable" - then they would get more votes ! helloooo - ps David Cook will win.

SusanD said...

Aw, trudi, I wouldn't count D.A. out yet, as I'm not sure the tween-text vote votes through DI.

Don -- I agree. I thought Simon was overselling the "knockout" a bit.

Anon -- I do think they favor some over others and give them an advantage. As evidenced by past years (Clay, Daughtry) it's often not the most commercially viable who wins the crown. Votes on AI don't exactly translate to album sales. So they'd like to insure that the "winner" is also the most commercially viable. I'm just surprised this year, because I don't think DA is the most commercial. I think Cook is. And they definitely helped push Cook along, but it still seems like they're gunning more for Archie to win.

Don Capone said...


I didn't really understand your post. Sounds like you're agreeing with me? AI would rig it to ensure the most commercially attractive person wins (like Susan explained). That's why they would rig it. I don't actually think they do, I think the results are always honest. But they can favor one over the other to try and influence the vote.

But I hope Cook wins too.

pinto said...

That David A kid really bugs me. He's overly earnest and sensitive, like the obnoxious new age college roommate who brags about being a vegan-virgin. Blech. He really needs to spend the night with David Mojito to open up his world. A little male lap dancing action will do him some good, maybe make him a little more comfortable with his own skin.

P.S. The last 4 weeks sucked.

SusanD said...

pinto-- AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Hi Don

No I wasn't agreeing with you!! and I'm sure u understand my post !? So what we are talking about is showing favour in the hope of influencing the vote, rigging is the word that threw me off! Rigging suggests chucking votes in the bin a la Matthew Broderick