Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hey Hey My My, Rock and Roll Can Never Die

Rock and Roll was here to stay.
Sung by Syesha, Castro and two cats named Dave,
But is it better to burn out, than it is to rust,
Or to have to sing in front of Ryan Seacrest?

Maybe it's just me, but because of Paula's blunder last week, and the way they were so over-the-top with their dismissal of Jason this week, I kept looking at the judges and just kept thinking that they're puppets. Simon even made his valiant, rebellious attempt to buck the wishes of the controllers when he told Syesha that he "has to be fair" and then praised her. That's always the cue that he's been instructed how they want the night to go, but that he's going with his own thoughts. But he is still puppetty. In fact, I've always thought that he bears a resemblance to this fellow.

Randy? I know I shortchange Randy here, because he's mostly like an olive in a dry martini, which is to say that he's necessary and also dispensable. But here's how he came across to me tonight.

And Paula? Yeah. She's still just Paula.

Paula actually managed to raise the bar on her own antics tonight, yet again. It's usually this time of year when she starts getting weepy anyhow, but she flipped the 'script and this time, during her emotional, praise-lavishing babble about Syesha, she managed to make Syesha cry!

It was great. This was also the moment when Simon broke the code-of-conduct missive issued by Nigel and agreed with Paula that Syesha gave a great performance of Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come." By doing so, he left Randy hanging out there in the breeze as the only one to blow off the performance as not working for him.

Syesha also did "Proud Mary" and if I recall correctly, Paula and Randy kind of liked that one, and Simon didn't. Me? I still prefer Angela Bassett as Tina Turner.

No one bucked the system to stand up for Jason Castro tonight. He finally let his hippie-freak flag fly high as he did Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" and Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man." Yeah, he lost a few lines during the second number, but at least he didn't stop and start all over again. As for his "Sheriff". Um. Let's start with this -- the band fucking blew. BLEW. I couldn't even find a reggae beat in it most of the time. Did they seriously have that much trouble hitting the one and three? For music's sake, even Bob Weir could find the reggae beat in a 7/4 time song. Oh, sorry. That was a totally random and arcane deadhead reference, which Jason just sort of brings out in me.

Anyhow, his voice didn't sound so hot in "Sheriff." But he seemed even more outgoing and comfy onstage, and it's obvious that he knows what's going on and he's handling it with a lot of class. And, frankly? It's to the point where I'd rather listen to what he ends up putting out than anyone else there, anyhow, because he's a hippie freak who chose to do Dylan and Marley!

That's right. He took some seriously harsh comments from Simon and just went about his business anyhow.

Simon acted as though Jason had just shot Leona Lewis after he finished, telling him that song "shouldn't be touched" and calling it either "atrocious" or "horrendous" or one of his words like that. I don't know if Jason shot a sheriff, but he may have shot himself in the foot and murdered his chances of making top three. But fuck it. At least he's him.

Also having a strange night? Cook. He seemed lost 'twixt and 'tween when he did "Hungry Like the Wolf." A couple of brief times, he let a little cheekiness out during it.

Though he did tempt fate by allowing one of the pit people to reach up and brush his hand, even that was a strange move, as though he was passing by and deigned to allow them brief contact.

But mostly, he didn't so much prowl the stage so much as just walk around it, undecided whether to go camp or emo with it, and not getting either working. Then, speaking of songs that should not be touched, he took on The Who's "Baba O'Riley." I love The Who. Didn't really get this version. It just seemed like Cook was going through the motions.

Going for the win was Farchie. Pleasing grandmas and little text-equipped gals everywhere with his beautifully sung versions of "Stand By Me" and "Love Me Tender." What can I say? He sounded really good on both of them. I just...I just wish he was 18 and that he already had his own lawyer and accountant who could keep all his money away from his father and his father's ballcap collection. Did this guy just get hairplugs that he can't ever be seen without the damn baseball hat? What the fuck's he gonna wear on finale night when everyone else is all gussied up?

Final four is gone but it's not forgotten.
Simon treated Castro really rotten.
One of the kids will be kicked off, and left in the dust.
Syesha cried and Cook was grim,
Archie got a little step closer to the win.
My My Hey Hey
Drunk Paula is here to stay.


PezKat said...

First! (Because I can, and because it makes Susan happy!)

No major disagreements this week; my recap is up at my place. Oh and I didn't totally 'get' your music reference, but I still appreciate it! [/somewhat of a musician]

trudi said...

Never mind Dad getting a cut of his money, the Mormons take 10%. Like an agent.

And the band sucks. Always has, always will.

Anita said...

I felt that Cookie was kinda 'out of it' like the week when he found out his brother Adam had taken a turn for the worse with his cancer.

This is officially a weird show.


tangodiva said...

As the sister of a Deadhead, I get it! Tragic the Idol band didn't

Oh, laws, not much to say, no words, thanks to you for providing them. I think the freak gave a big finger to the sausage machine and I say good for him. If I never see him again, I hope he can go home, see the fam, smoke some weed and enjoy the summer festivals. Drat - got that pesky Idol tour.

Archuleta is covered in flop sweat each week. I think Daddy keeps him locked in a basement with that puppy he sings "Stand by Me" to.

Don Capone said...

Why is this show still even on? They're just going through the motions until they hand the crown to Archuleta. And I agree with tangodiva—David A's father keeps him locked in a basement with good acoustics and forces him to practice all day. It's a low ceiling too, that's why he's so short.

And Simon was right: Jason's performances were like something straight out of the audition weeks on AI.

Anita said...

Susan, did you know you have a kindred soul at Time? Yes, Time! This was the post on their website this morning for Lil' Davy's Love Me Tender

"He's Archuletting it," said my wife (a.k.a. Mrs. Tuned In), as David A. laid an additional trowel of honey on this ballad. Indeed — and he just Archulet himself into the Final Three. What can I say? It was the perfect nighttime serenade by the overstuffed musical teddy bear every 11-year-old girl Idol fan dreams of getting next Valentine's Day. Squeeeeeeeeze!

— by James Poniewozik

Anonymous said...

About Daddy Dearest, I don't believe Pappa Archie had recent hair plugs because if you youtube the old Star Search footage when David was only 12....the ballcap is proudly being donned there too.

As for the show, what a strange night all 'round. Cook was definitely off his mark. He seemed distant and marginally depressed about something. His brother came into my mind. As for Castro...what can you say except that he took his massacre well. I love his "screw the Establishment" looks. Archie, yeah, the kid can sing. But I'm very bored with him.

Alice said...

I think this was Jason's "Trying to Make a Fool Out of Me" moment, like Elliott had when he realized he was under the bus. This time, Simon and Nigel actually backed the bus up and ran over him again, though. Thanks for the great recap and screencaps. The Dawgfather was a hoot. Oh, and big congrats on American Cool! Well deserved.

Anonymous said...

This was Jason's FU moment. They pan him when he does well, so why not get out and have fun and ask your fans not to vote?

I hope he gives the singout of his life tomorrow before he goes. He's already given the peformance of his life. I've never enjoyed AI more but I'm afraid the lights are going to be switched off for me after he's gone.

dennis mahagin said...


Great AI Poem!

I find your recaps consistently more entertaining than the show itself.

Go, chef! Go, chef!


Anonymous said...

Love the poem...

David C was grim cause of those damn green spandex pants they made him wear in the Ford commercial...can Idol go any lower?

Jason's attitude PO'd Simon..ha

SusanD said...

anon-- I died when I saw those bullfight pants tonight!

oh dennis! you're too sweet. Neil Young did most of the work on it already.

anon -- they totally cut off his sing out!

alice -- I thought it was similar to E's kiss-off, too. And he had as much fun with it.

anon -- he's seriously been wearing the cap that long? The fuck?

anita - Time and me, in perfect lock step most of the time ;)

tango & Don -- I do worry his father winds him up and then wraps him up and places him on a shelf between shows-practices.

trudi -- I've tried to avoid taking the easy Mormon potshots, but that vigorish they demand irks me, too.

Pez -- thanks! I'll check yours out!