Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AI Finale Insider's Report #1 -- Mojito Still A Hottie!

Who has the best friends ever? I do! As if you didn't already realize that from the comments and posts around here, I have more proof. A few of my friends are at the American Idol finale, both last night and tonight. So I'm like TMZ up in here with all the "insider info"! For instance, they tell me that FuckFace Father of the Year Archuleta was actually outside on the red carpet last night signing autographs. That's right, not David A signing. His father signing autographs. Gag.

They also met a bunch of the AI luminaries, both from past years and this year, including my beloved mojito David Hernandez! How much do they love me? Enough to get me this present:

How cool is that? He wrote Mojito!

And, they even had the presence of mind to snap a picture of him writing it.

They assure me that he was sweet as could be and, of course, looked hot.

Thank you, Ladies!


Don Capone said...

Very cool, Susan. Is that Taylor Hicks in the background?

SusanD said...

It is neither Taylor Hicks nor Chris Daughtry on the other side. (I refrained from making the obvious, snarky response of Taylor who?)

PezKat said...


puppypundit said...

Kissy kissy from "a friend".

I hope Hernandez discovers you here! He was so hot, srsly.