Monday, May 05, 2008

It's not Cannes, but I Can't Complain

The 2008 Beach Book Festival announced its winners this past weekend. My book, American Cool, took the runner-up prize in its category of romance. I'll take that. So, if you're looking for a good beach read this summer, other people agree that American Cool is perfect for a hot, sunny, lazy day.

If you're looking for some other good reading this summer and short stories are your gig, be sure to check out 5 Star Literary Stories for some reviews. My pal Don Capone even reviews a baseball story from Hobart Magazine by Andrew Bomback.

Also, speaking of five-star literary offerings, if you haven't yet checked out Ron Currie, Jr.'s novel in short stories, God is Dead, now would be a good time. He just won the 2008 NYPL Young Lions award for it. MAJOR.

I mean, it's not as major as taking the runner-up prize in the romance category of the Beach Book Festival, even if the cash prize is much gianter and the prestige is much grander and the recognition and literary merit are much more laudable-er, but hey, this was Ron's debut. He'll get there someday ;)

Fuck it. Who'm I kidding. Like I said, it wasn't Cannes. But hey, they also didn't treat me like Cannes treated Medellin. <-that's for all the Entourage fans out there. Summer's fast approaching, and the boys will be back!


moon said...

LOVE this book!!! It's one of those PERFECT for beach chair reading. My favorite story today is I Candy. (changes with the mood don't ya know)

Don Capone said...

Congrats Susan! I love American Cool, and I'm wondering what book could have beat it out. AC is definitely great beach reading. Hope this gets the book some good exposure and more sales!

GJM said...


SusanD said...

Awww, thanks you guys!

Donna said...

Congratulations, Susan! Your book is the PERFECT way to keep cool at the beach. A well-deserved honor.