Friday, May 09, 2008

IPPY Dippy Joy!

This year's Independent Publisher Book Awards have announced their semi-final results.

I apologize for being unbearable with more joy, but my book American Cool from Rebel Press made the cut! (If you click that above link, scroll down to category 37, erotica, and there it is.) I so love Rebel Press and my pal Don Capone for all the help he gave me with this book. Again, I'm sorry for talking about the book to an insufferable amount lately, but, fuck, it's the IPPYs, man. I will refrain from posting another picture of the book's awesome cover, though.


Don Capone said...

Congrats on all the notice this book is receiving. It deserves it, and so do you! And don't worry, I posted a picture of the cover on my blog!

Ellen said...

Don't apologize! This is awesome and well-deserved! Your writing is brilliant and I LOVE this book.

You should post a hundred pictures of the awesome cover.



SusanD said...

Ellen, Don, thanks!

JenWriter said...

CONGRATULATIONS! This is awesome!

I also think the cover rocks, by the way. You were blessed by the cover gods.