Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Parton my juvenile humor on April 1

So, we all know that Dolly Parton is the mentor tonight for AI. And you should know by now that I'm obsessive, and I think I found this spoiler list so we can all stew about who's doing "I Will Always Love You" and whether or not Cook is gonna use the White Stripes version of "Jolene." Enjoy! We'll discuss the show later.

Oh, that link won't work out for everyone. If it misfired, Try this one. Butabied! It's my pal Ashley's updated twist and I love it.


Alice said...

Oh, we parton you all right! You smart April foolster! See ya after the show.

Alice said...

Surely everyone will be a Michael Johns believer after this! Johnny Walker Red gives his approval too!

Anonymous said...

Ok.... (Deep Breath) So I tried to resit the whole David Cook bandwagon. Yes, he looks smug at times yes, he has an abnormally large cranium. Yes he does covers of covers of covers. In vain have I fought. He is hot. He voice is love. That is all. Yes I feel shame. go about your business nothing to see here.

Oh his performance was not as great as Billie Jean last week but I appreciate the restraint he showed and the falsetto. Stop trying to make false happen Randy. It's not going to happen.

cappy said...

We're bringing sexy back.