Thursday, April 03, 2008

Does Jesus dial or text?

Ramiele got the boot and cried all the way. Personally, I'm glad she's gone. She was mad-cute in her interviews but never brought that personality onstage and I'm not ready for the "shocking" elimination yet.

Over the last couple nights, the name "Jesus" got tossed around more flagrantly than neon paint at a Blue Man Group show. I don't expect that to change considering that next week is inspirational week again. "Clever" Kristy will probably sing "God Bless the USA" to insure her safety again. Perhaps she'll get pew-blocked if Farchie trots out "Amazing Grace" and Cook does Ray Charles' "America the Beautiful" and Mike and Carly, confused, fight it out for "Personal Jesus." Jason, fuck it, he might as well go all the way and do Bob Marley's "Redemption Song." Let it roll into a controversy if anyone figures it out until he gets the sit-down with Ryan and goes all Kermit and says, "I thought Jah meant 'yes' in Jamaicanese. Haile Selassie who?"

On the upside to that, I don't even think "hot mess" covers what The Clark Brothers did to their song last night. Excuse me for being so pedestrian, but what the fuck was that? Dolly, she didn't sound much better, but at least Michael Johns was wearing a Dolly shirt.

Meanwhile, Jeff Archuleta kept his disappointment about David Cook's continued good health in check. But I wouldn't be shocked if he's got the itchy fingers, just dying to dial up Tanya Harding's connections should this unanticipated deposing of his son continues.


trudi said...

Someone has to do "Losing My Religion."

Anita said...

Wasn't that singer for the Clark guys over-intense?!? He TOTALLY freaked me out and I thought surely he was having David Cook's heart issues. Great instruments those guys play, but whoa!

Oh, and I'm SO glad America put Ramilie out of our misery. Once she said she was might go "bye-bye" on national television, I figured her kinsmen would be so embarassed that they would stop voting. What a twit she is!