Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fangs for the Memories

Totally figures, doesn't it? Just as I take a liking to Carly, she's gone. But she took it really well, all snarly-Carly smiles.

Here's her exit interview.

Sadly, Carly's booting wasn't the most jarring part of the evening. It was when Leona Lewis showed up on our Idol stage with her fancy un-schlocky song and good voice and good makeup and made this whole show seem like cheap amateur hour. And believe me, I'm not a Leona fan. But, come on.


Don Capone said...

AI is dead to me now. I seriously don't think I'll watch the remaining weeks. What a joke. Jason and Brooke are still there? Jason is horrible, and he doesn't even give a shit anymore. Yet Carly—who I think should have won this competition—gets eliminated, and on her best week yet to boot. Disgraceful.

AI has always been somewhat of a popularity contest, but that is all it is now. Basically what happened last night was David Archuleta won the competition. There is no more suspense. It's over. No need to watch from here on out. All the AI fans are now denied the final two face-off that should have been: Carly vs. David A.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Jason has given more memorable performances than Carly or Syesha. One bad week doesn't a loser make.Bad week according to the naysayers. I liked it. You can tell he's got a cold from his itune download but he didn't mention it once. He takes all the bashing with a smile so everyone keeps bashing?

SusanD said...

Don, I admit my interest has been whittled significantly over the past couple weeks. My opinion is that the voting system kinda sucks with unlimited votes. The tweens are totally running (and ruining) the show for people of our advanced generation (even if we're not quite as old as Michael Johns, we're not teenagers.) I kinda wish they'd revamp the voting to restrict it to X number of votes per phone to get a hold on this competition. But, as long as ratings don't slide too much and they end up with who they wanted anyhow (Cook or Archuleta) they don't care about the picking-off order.

SusanD said...

Anon -- I do agree. I like Jason. But I still can't figure out how Syesha is hanging around. And Brooke at this point. And, franky, Archuleta. I think if it weren't for the preponderance of teen power-voting, the kid would be toast.

trudi said...

Fangs for the Memories.
How do you do it week after week?

And the tatts did her in.
Along with the Illustrated Man hubby.

SusanD said...

trudi!! Miss you!

You think the tats did it? I wouldln't argue. I'm just now realizing the legacy she's leaving behind that I never even touched on yet. She was THE single worst-dressed contestant on the show. She snatched that title from J-Hud and just ran with it, all the way through. She also gave us the most memorable face of the season so far, back in the auditions with her bug-eyes when Simon told her she wasn't as good as two years ago. And she's the only one to ever get fat and then get skinny again. And she's pandered more blatantly for Simon's love than anyone else with that T-shirt. Poor Fangs. I'll miss her.

trudi said...

Miss Me? You know I always read your blog.

People were concentrating more on that arm long tatt than her singing. If she had worn sleeves she might have made it to top 4.

Her need for Daddy Simon's love was sort of sad.

Though I had it in for her, having had a recording contract and all, I'm actually looking forward to see her on the tour. She did grow on me. I think it was the Spanx.

Alice said...

The adults never have a chance. I kinda liked that tats and, as you recall, loved old Fangs since The Shadow of Your Smile - which only I and Johnny Walker apparently liked. Mr. Red and I miss Michael Johns so much, we don't much care, but it is amazing to see Brooke becoming more and more translucent every week. I hope Castro or Cook wins if that's what they want. And I'll keep watching because I just can't wait for your fabulous recap each week!

trudi said...

Correct me if I'm wrong. I think this batch of AI contestants skews older than any other. They have gotten rid of all the youngin's under 21 except for Archuleta.
And when was the last time we had 3married people in the top 10?

Just saying.

PezKat said...

I think Syesha is lasting because of her genre. I mean, Ruben and Fantasia won this thing and R&B is huge! She's certainly the closest thing this season has to it at this point (even though the judges are steering her away from it; heh, maybe because they agree w/me!). She's also a good performer & doesn't make obvious mistakes; nice to see that actually mattering in one case. ;-)