Thursday, April 10, 2008


You have GOT to be fucking kidding me! Throw another hottie on the barbie! Oh, I'm pissed all over again!

Michael Johns handled it totally dignified and with a ton of class. But since I don't have that sort of restraint, I made this gallery of it anyhow. Believe me, I don't take joy in it the way I do in some of my other "shock boot" collections, but I figured it was time, and though his faces were restrained, I think this is still pretty good.

When the final three was announced, Carly was pretty resigned to the fact that she was going home.

Until she and Syesha were announced as safe. Cry.

Please note in the below that Brooke is her typical woman on the verge, Cook is his normal cool, concerned self, while Farchie slouches with relief (his hands are notably NOT clenched), and Kristy and Castro are the ones to carry the Bo Bice honorary "you're a bunch of motherfuckers" torch this year.

Then, Ryan hammers it home, noting how last year, they didn't send anyone home. But oh yeah, you're definitely out of here, Mike!

But see, his still has the class to give us, and Pauler, one last shot of what we loved best, and it wasn't the ascots, it was his ass. We'll miss you and your down under, Michael Johns.


Anita said...

I’m floored … just floored. WHAT just happened?!?!

We have Shysha, who is fine, but just can’t seem to get the fact that she has to be her and not a past diva.

We have Jason, who is a doll, but I don’t feel is really in it to win it … he’s just kinda floating along.

We have Carly, who is so bloody desperate every week and sang in such an angry, nasty manner (IMHO) for Inspiration Week.

We have what’s-her-blond-name that looks like she’s riding her horse and waves her left hand like it’s detached from her body each week (but picks ridiculously perfect songs each week).

And Brooke, who is my reality-TV-best-friend, but America’s not in a folk-resurgence and she needs to sound like herself, not karaoke.

And even with all those mentioned above, Michael is gone?!?!


puppypundit said...

Poor Susan, you are just having a bad year. I'm so sorry that more of your candy got taken away.

trudi said...

A more shocking boot than Daughtry.

But even in adversity you still come up with a brilliant caption.

citizen jane said...

This is indeed a good Shock Boot collection, Lovey. Although a little more poignant than ones in the past (see: Stan; Daughtry) because we actually liked this guy.

And we will definitely miss Michael and his appropriately tight down-under and yes, even his Freddy ascots. Boo.

Plus -- it's always fun to watch and see what form Paula's surprise boot insanity haze will take on each year... this was rather reserved, I think. For her, anyway.

Liz Lemon said...

Thanks Susan - that was a great Shock Boot Collection and really captured the moment. Michael seems like a really classy guy. Not cool at all to treat him like Constantine or Daughtry.

Don Capone said...

This really sucks. Right from the get-go my faves have been Carly and Michael. Now he's gone and we're stuck with the likes of Jason, Syesha, and David A. If Carly goes next, there will be no need for me to watch any more.

And what Ryan did to him was just cruel.

meep said...

I don't know where I've been all season, but I know where I'll be from here on out.

I'm sorry for your loss. :/

Alice said...

So stunned, it took me until today (Sat)to calm down enought to write. There's no justice. And I hate Ryan Seacrest for giving us a tiny bit of hope that he wouldn't be booted. Asshole. I thought he'd at least get to the final four. I can't even think of anything funny to say. Thank God, you weren't struck dumb. What could have had the fun and excitement of Season 5 is now the clone of Season 6's snorer. The only reason to watch now is to see how much better (than the show) your recaps will be.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Susan, I haven't left a comment here (even though I check in often) since your near-genius recaps of Season 5. I just took a browse and CRACKED UP at your headline "Dingo's got my baby." You are hysterical, girl. Idol wouldn't be the same without you. As for Michael, what a drag. I'm gonna miss that lovely Aussie face of his. Why, oh, why couldn't it have been Kristy/Brooke/Carly/Jason....