Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Save your Soul, Read some Stuff

After last night's "Dancing with the Stars," where I witnessed such pop culture landmarks (tragedies? profundities? absurdities?) as seeing Billy Ray Cyrus tango to "Rock the Casbah" and a gum commercial featuring Steve-O and Chris Pontius, I realized I needed to step back and reevaluate exactly what the fuck I'm allowing to happen to my brain.

So, in the interest of entertainment that has some substance, and I found these gems, conveniently available on the web.

The new issue of Smokelong Quarterly is live. Smokelong is always visually vibrant and the content is superb. This edition was guest edited by the sublime Alicia Gifford, and features stories from Tom Saunders and my pal, Myfanwy Collins.

(plenty of these good links I owe to Myfanwy's blog, which is a great source for staying updated on the best reading on the web.)

The new issue of Insolent Rudder features work by Kat Denza and Dennis Mahagin.

My pal William Reese Hamilton has some great new stories online right now. Take a trip up the Amazon with him in "Flechado", which is live in the new issue of Eclectica. And his "Places from my Tropic Dreams" is a beautiful, poetic and dreamy piece.

Edward Moore's "Health Problems" is a great read.

And the always fabulous Ellen Meister is dead on (and funny) in this post.

And, if you love something you've read online, please do consider dropping by storySouth to nominate the story for the 2007 Million Writer's Award, sponsored by Edit Red.

I love my greazy cheezeburgers, but it was pure pleasure to enjoy some of these filet mignon entrees for a change.

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Myfanwy Collins said...

Thank you, darling! By the way, I very much enjoyed your book tour. You are so clever!