Monday, April 23, 2007

The Pinnacle

It's the second anniversary of the greatest moment in American Idol history. So we're going to relive it.

And for those wanting to savor each moment, here it is in all its glory. (thanks to roadblocker from SS)


Don Capone said...

Constantine sucked so bad. For all the heat Sanjaya took, I actually think he was a better singer than Constantine. It gives me the willys just seeing a picture of him again.

laura petrie said...

Until this end of time, this will never ever get old.

So repulsive. So fabulous. It has everything.

Jean White said...

And to think that unjust event allowed the no-talent Underwood to win! If only Paula's tears could have saved her favorite.

More fun ahead! Britney Spears people contacted Sanjaya's people today about producing a duet together.

meep said...

Susan! This entry! I freaking love you, man!