Thursday, April 05, 2007

American Cool from Rebel Press -- Pick My Book Cover!

Rebel Press is going to release a collection of my short stories! I'm totally amped about this, because I really like the stories, and Rebel Press is really cool. Taken as a whole, the stories are kind of chick lit, with a rough edge. There's some sex and some violence and plenty of cursing and drinking with a twist of gambling and a little shake of baseball thrown in. It'll be called American Cool.

Speaking of cool, I get to pick my own book cover. (yay!)

Don Capone has agreed to design the cover for me, which makes me a truly lucky girl. He's already done some mock ups, and I'd love some feedback about which one you find most appealing. If you leave me your vote in the comments section or by e-mail, I'll keep track of everyone and when the book is out I'll select one of the voters and send them a free copy of the book. Cool? Here are the choices:

UPDATE -- pics removed for now. When it's finalized, I'll post the cover here (and there, and everywhere) and contact one of you teenagers who voted. Thank you!


Ellen said...

Congrats, Susan! That's excellent news!!! Your stories are amazing and deserve to published in a collection.

Don is an excellent designer, and I like the covers in the order you presented them. To me, the one with the gun is most arresting and gets across some delightfully twisted idea of "American Cool." It's perfect. The second one is attractive but not quite as edgy. The one with the mannekins is my least fave.

Good luck!!

Pandora Spocks said...

Brava! This is terrific news and I'm SO thrilled for you.

My vote: the second cover. Not sure why, but that what my gut is telling me. There'll all really interesting, but I'm digging #2 the most.

pinto said...

Cover #1, Darling. Chicks and guns--Two great tastes that taste great together. I'll look for your work in the nearest B&N. Sorry, that wasn't funny.

Anonymous said...


I would recommend the second cover, not knowing the contents of the book...that is.

The first and last are edgier and, as such, off-putting to the causual book browser.

If you are looking to widen your audience...say catch the pool-side reader or the office gal reading over lunch hour...then the middle cover is going to get you into their hot little hands faster.

GJM said...

Way cool;-)

My vote is for cover one.


Myfanwy Collins said...

Congratulations!! This is excellent news. I like all of the covers but the one that grabbed my eyes the most was the first one.

When will your book be out?

Jean White said...

Hi, Susan, welcome back and congratulations. I usually e-mail you directly but wanted to join in on the fun here. While you were in Las Vegas, I was visiting it's polar opposite, Waikiki.

To business. Cover three is arresting but a little too Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Cover two would be a popular choice perhaps for airports and the beach. Personally I like cover one. I asked my husband to take a look and he suggested something coming out of the gun or something reflected --as if the gun is mirroring the victim. Or the guns nozzle could show a rose, lipstick, goddess, something provocative.

Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

How exciting! I can't wait to buy it. I agree with Ellen exactly. I like both 1 and 2, but one really gets me going "yeah"...or more like "fuck yeah!"



torrinpaige said...

Congratulations! I vote for cover #1. It's the most visually visually arresting to me. Can't wait to buy it!

Anonymous said...


Wow, congrats to you, Susan. ;)

I'll definitely be on the lookout for that book. Your stories are awesome, and it's so cool that they will now be presented in a kick-ass collection.

I say, again:


& oh, by the way

I like cover
Numbah One.



SusanD said...

Oh man. You guys are too cool! Thank you all so much. I really appreciate the kind words and cover feedback!

NormalGuyNormalGirl said...

That's awesome news, Susan, and I wish I'd showed up in time to see the pictures.. :(