Thursday, April 05, 2007

American Idol Makes Tony Bennett Sick


I know the feeling, T.

Tony got the flu and didn't perform. Michael Buble did. And then Gina got the boot. I laughed a little at that. I'm rooting for a Sanjaya - Haley final two now. If nothing else, people on the show will at least start remembering Haley's name if she keeps making to the stage and surviving.

Next week is J. Lo. Her giving singing tips is kind of like Sandra Lee giving cooking tips. And yet, both things happen on American television.


Don Capone said...

J-Lo?! Man, where did they dig her up from? That's worse than Gwen Stefani giving singing lessons.

pinto said...

I am bored with this season. Even the peeps I like (Jordan, LaKisha, and Melinda) bore me. This is the reason why Sanjaya still stalks the earth even though he’s craptastic. At least he provides entertainment value. It wouldn’t bother me at all if he was in the top 4. At least he comes out and gives a show each week. He’s like a car accident--you can’t take your eyes off him. I think he’s the real star of the show this season. He turns little girls goofy and old folks adore him. He’s also got the bloc. The kid is set.

As for Gena, am I the only one who noticed that she looked like the unholy issue of a union between Mistress Elvira and Jerry Lewis on Tuesday night? Maybe that’s why she got the boot. Maybe it’s also that smug comment she made to Simon when he told her two other singers out-sang her (“Well that what a competition is—so people can hear different voices,” implying that her singing was just as good but different). Yeah, sure. The idiot has auditioned for AI for three years, but hasn’t figured out that no good can come out of tangling with Simon. Oh well, she won’t be missed.

Ellen said...

I said all along that Haley would remain in the competition as long as her dresses got shorter with every appearance. However, I think she's only got about a quarter of an inch before the show has to get moved to cable, so next week could be Haley's last. We'll see.

I was sorry to see Gina go because she was an entertaining change of pace. I would have preferred to say good-bye to Sanjaya, who is no longer amusing me, or Phil, who's getting harder and harder to look at. He reminds me too much of a toy from my childhood, Wooly Willy. I keep to wanting to move metals shavings onto his bald pate with a magnet.


Anonymous said...

Wooly Willy!

Ellen, that is too much!
I had a Wooly Willy, too.

It was actually one of my
favorite toys. ;)

But what's up with this Buble guy?

I mean, if he wants his name pronounced: Boub - Lay, he should spell it that way. Right?

At least add a fucking Z, there, eh Mikey... Bublez. Eh?

As it is, it looks like Booble to me-- *shruh*--& I have no choice but to call him Michael Booble, until he alters the spelling!


SusanD said...

Dennis -- Booble blows, anyhow. We two shall mispronounce his name in defiance!

Ellen -- Wooly Willy? And it looked like Phil? Was it scary?

pinto -- Elvira and Jerry Lewis! Ha! It always shocks me that people don't know better than to talk back to Simon. I guess they all get the feeling THEY will be the one to pull it off.

Don -- thank you! I had even forgotten that J Lo was a singer -- and that was to her career benefit, me forgetting that. But she's going to drudge it all up, again.

Ging said...

Hey Susan, I don't mean to just bust in, but don't know how to contact you. Just wanted to know if you have hear Elliott Yamin's new CD ? Are you going to write a review of it?

SusanD said...

Hi ging. Sorry, I haven't heard the CD yet.