Friday, April 20, 2007

Web Reads

I found this cool little thingamajig from Jason Shaffner's blog:
Go to
Type in "New York, NY"
Choose Directions "From Here"
Enter "Paris, France"
Check out Step 24

While at Jason's blog, do check out his recap of the Stone Sour show he just attended, complete with a pie chart!

While perusing Jordan E. Rosenfeld's blog I discovered that we both like having choices, but not too many of them lest we get frozen by the overwhelming decisions. (Is this common?) And I also found a link to this cool blog, The Nervous Breakdown which is really cool and features a large group of writers posting, including the very accomplished Jordan and the always cool Roy Kesey.

Myfanwy Collins is featured in the new issue of FRiGG with Three Stories. FRiGG is an exceptional journal with fiction, poetry, and insane artwork. And she's also got a fantastic story, "Cowless, Rainbowless", in the inaugural issue of Quay.

And if you're into meeting some new writers, do stop by The Writer Profile Project by Kelly Spitzer. You'll find some great interview over there with editors and writers. (including some of my faves like Alicia Gifford, Kathy Fish, and Dave Clapper of Smokelong Quarterly.)


Myfanwy Collins said...

Hey! Thanks for the plug, Susan!! You're the best.

Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Here I go, cheating again on my no-reading :)

Thanks for the link, dear! And yes, please do not make me choose anything today. However, I want to email you about Chuck P. but realize I don't have your email address, or if I do, I've lost it. Can you email me at: jordansmuse (at) gmail(dot) come?