Friday, March 02, 2007

Ellen & Myfanwy

I just found these lovely reading experiences:

Myfanwy Collins has a great story up at juked.

And Ellen Meister has a quickie interview up at Trashionista.

I'm starting to implement my new rating system for everything, and both the story and review rate an AJ Tabaldo certified "Fabulous. Two arms up!"


Myfanwy Collins said...

ha! Love the system! Thank you, darling Susan!

Ellen said...

Kelly Pickler looks like she could be the mother of the girl who was on last season. What an odd transformation.

Condolences on A.J., Susan. He really was a darling guy. Talented, too.

Thanks for the Trashionista plug! And Myfanwy's story ... WOW! She knocks me out.


Don Capone said...

Two of my favorite writers! Great story. Myf. And Ellen, I'm looking forward to your second book!