Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Be back soon

I'm off to enjoy the hoops-la of March Madness from Vegas. I like Durant and Texas quite a bit, though I think their coach is kind of dumb. Have a good start to spring, and I'm sure there'll be some good gossip and new AI scandals when I get back. (Though, I think they may have finally hit the nadir with this one.)


Don Capone said...

Have a great vacation Susan!

That AI story is crazy.

Dave Clapper said...

Oh, no! Is there no one to guest blog AI in your absence?!

katrina said...

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan

It's trudi with all body parts intact. Your note was so gracious. You are a love.

And what the hell happened to all of Lac's sites? A computer glitch or a total purge?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Susan,

When you get back, how 'bout reviewing Elliott Yamin's debut album? I'm sure people would love to hear your take.

Take care,


MOMster said...

Hey - are y'all going out tomorrow to buy Elliott Yamin's debut CD????

Jean said...

Hi, my first post! Thought some of you might enjoy this..


Elliott on Regis yesterday finally made it to youtube

steelkisses said...

OMG that Mario is a bad boy isn't he? That story is kind of creepy, actually. How embarrassing!

SusanD said...

Hi all! I'll see if I can get a copy of the CD when I get back.

trudi -- royalmisfits.com ;)