Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Submissions wanted -- ShatterColors

A brand new literary 'zine on the scene is ShatterColors. It's so new, they're still building the site. But the submissions pages and about pages are up already. What they're looking for:
Short stories and novel excerpts between 1,200 and 8,000 words in length. Subject matter is anything that occurs within the realm of actual human experience and obeys the laws of biology and physics (i.e., no SciFi, fantasy, monsters, et al); aside from that, no preference as long as it's given an emotional treatment. SCLR realizes "emotional" is extremely general terminology, open to an endless variety of subjective interpretations: we've no wish to restrict authors to the shades of emotion they wish to convey. Authenticity and vividness of the conveyance is SCLR's only real criteria for acceptance.


Robert Scott Leyse said...

Hey Susan,

Thanks for posting the guidelines - ShatterColors is up and running now, sort of. I say "sort of" because the site will soon be revamped with a different logo and layout and color scheme. (Seems my pals who actually do Web design for a living are down on my site design and, seeing it through their eyes, I have to agree with them! Too amateurish...)

My sincere congrats on having your first three novels out, and landing a slot in the next BAE!

Be well,


SusanD said...

Hey Scott,

I'm looking forward to the premier issue, and the redesign. I liked it, though.

I'd still like to send you copies of my books, I don't know where to send them. E-mail me! I owe you, you're the first one to ever publish me :)

Robert Scott Leyse said...

I was the first? I had no idea - I'll have to remember to boast about it after you're world famous.

As for owing me... You don't owe me a damn thing. A publication is made by the quality of its contributions and your contributions are quality; generally speaking, it's editors who "owe" the authors.

The new and improved ShatterColors Literary Review is up and running - some further embellishments are in store, but - finally - it's in place, with a design worthy of its content.

I'll email you now, after I check today's - thus far - baseball results.