Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hoops -- Idol

So. My bracket is destroyed. Utterly. I picked a couple longshots as upsets, but unfortunately Bradley wasn't one of them. And I also didn't plan on Syracuse getting beat in the first round, despite everyone warning me of the 5-12 curse. Anyhow.

I am a gambler. So I have a new horse that I'm riding to victory. The race, my dears, is American Idol. Oh yes. Even I.

My pick is the longshot:

Sure he's not as pretty as the dumb blonde. But the dumb blonde isn't as pretty as sexually ambiguous blushing falsetto. My pick doesn't spaz out and perform cunnilingus on harmonicas, and he doesn't Creedify every poor song. My pick, he can sing. Sure, sure, some may say he's a train-wreck to look at. Oh, but I disagree. My pick isn't kewpie-cute, but he's not ugly. He's fugly. And I do mean that in the sexiest, fugliest way possible. Hell, I'd hit it!

He can't give me back round 2 of the NCAA. But please, Elliott, keep me in the Idol pool.


Myfanwy Collins said...

He's one of my favorites. He seems like a good guy--humble, low key. I like him.

SusanD said...

So you have good taste in everything then, Myfanwy?

Don Capone said...

Chris is going to win. Elliot has a face made for radio.

SusanD said...

Chris probably will win, because he's mediocre at best. Don't get me wrong, Chris is sexy as hell. But he really can't sing so good. But I think maybe people will get tired of his one-note act, same as people will get tired of Taylor's one-trick spazzing out. I have money on this Don!

(my kicker this week is on Bucky leaving, not Kevin)

Ellen said...

Sorry sorry. It's not going to be Elliot. Though I agree, he has an amazing voice. And I'm sure lots of folks would like to see a member of the tribe win, but it's not happening.

Indeed, the judges pull punches to ensure that the more bankable singers win.

The last two standing will be Mandisa and Chris. The judges will put the hex on Mandisa at the last minute to assure Chris's win, because he'll be able to sell more records. Mandisa's appeal is too similar to Fantasia's, and they're going to want a different kind of idol.

Right now, the most irritating part of the show is that the judges lay on the bullshit every time that terrible Kevin sings. He sucks in every possible way, but he's good for ratings, so they're keeping him around, making him believe he's some kind of sex symbol. I do not find this endearing. I do not find HIM endearing. In fact, he's believing the lies they tell him about being a sex symbol and his ego is starting to run away from him. It's gross and embarrassing to watch.

For the record, my faves are Taylor (who didn't deliver last night) and Mandisa.

I'm guessing Bucky or Lisa will get the boot tonight.

SusanD said...

I love Idol chat. You're right, Ellen, Chris will win, because Simon loves him because he's marketable. I like him less every week. Last night he outright pissed me off with his "original" version of that song, which was a note-for-note ripoff of Springsteen's AND Live's cover of it. I think he's bullshit as a singer, but hot to look at.

Kevin blows. The makeup the stylists are putting on him is embarrassing. And it's scary that the judges manipulations count that much for people voting. What did crack me up is that Simon loathes him, but he had to pull that back in, because when he bashes someone TOO hard they live another week out of pity votes.

I'm feeling good about my pick for Bucky going tonight, even though I like Bucky. But Lisa wouldn't shock me either.

Do you *heart* Taylor cause he's got the Clooney-appeal?

Don Capone said...

Yeah, Simon likes Chris (so do I), but you guys are forgetting Katherine McPhee. Boy can she can sing, and it's hard to imagine anyone can be that pretty. It's a good combo, and if she picks the rights songs she can win.

Kevin, Bucky, or Ace will get the ax tonight.

SusanD said...

Katherine IS gorgeous and can sing. I just for some reason assumed they wanted a guy this year for a change.