Friday, March 24, 2006


Ok. I know I admitted that my bracket was destroyed, but I was still harboring some miniscule hope that I'd be able to pull out something in the office pool if I got the final four and then final two to fall into place. Alas, with Duke falling to LSU, tis not to be.

I just have to say though, I like J.J. Redick. And Gerry McNamara. McNamara finished his college career last week, and I'm sure it didn't end how he'd have dreamt it. As a former athlete, I feel twinges of sadness for him (and now today for Redick) for how it all ended up. But they had stellar careers, and fantastic years and I hope, for their sake, that's what they carry with them: The big picture and all their accomlishments and successes. They both put on a great show this year, all season long.

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