Monday, March 20, 2006

Mutual Holdings -- buy direct

Yes I've posted this before, but I've had a decent response so I wanted to post a reminder to keep the info easily available.

In case you're interested in my latest book, Mutual Holdings but can't find it at a Barnes & Noble near you, you can buy it directly from me.

I'm selling these at a deep discount, so the price is cheaper than it is at B&N and this price includes first class shipping. The total price is $9.75 for US residents, $11.75 for Canadian and international orders.

I can't get the little "buy now" button to work properly inside a post here, but if you're going for the US buying option of $9.75, you can click the little button over on the right that says "buy now".

Alternately, for a Canadian or international order, you can visit my webpage here to order.

You can also find several other options on my site, such as how to purchase it along with discounted, signed copies of 24/7 or Trattoria. Again, those buying options are right here on my website.

Thanks. Thus ends the commercial for the day.

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Don Capone said...

What is this, PBS all of a sudden?