Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Striking Hottie

Luca Toni is a good looking guy.

Now, I'm not quite sure, but I think it's a strong possibility that he knows it, even if he hasn't quite yet perfected the Blue Steel and often has a rather goofy, if pretty, appeal.

The 6' 4" striker, who now plays professionally for Bayern Munich, was a member of the World Cup All-Star Team and is one of the more, uh, shall we say, expressive players for the Italian team. And since we're talking about Italians here, that's saying a little something.

I can easily cut him slack, because believe me, if I looked like Luca Toni, I'd be touching myself all the time, too. That's him all sad up there because they took the pasting from the Dutch. Personally, I much prefer the goal-scoring, celebrating Toni.

Lanky pretty boys aren't your thing? Don't you worry. Tomorrow we're going a little more manly -- maybe even beastly -- when we move into the all-Milan midfield and I start by showing off Gennaro Gattuso to you.

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citizen jane said...

Damn. And what have I been doing while this hunkfest was happening? -- watching not-nearly-as-attractive athletes play basketball. If only my beloved Celtics had players that looked like this -- life would be perfect.

I need to broaden my sports horizons some more.