Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He Gives a Licking and Keeps on Kicking

Today, I'd like to introduce you to one of the guy's on Italy's front line, Alessandro Del Piero.

He's cute, right? Along with being one of the sport's top earners, a "footballer of the year" award winner, and the all-time top scorer for his pro team, Juventus, he's also easily one of the sport's most respected -- and nicest -- players. Del Piero has amassed several awards for his gentlemanly comportment. Off the field, he's done an awful lot to support cancer research and has been an Olympic torchbearer.

Nice guys are hot. But Del Piero has an extra little kick going for him. (yes, pun intended.) Not since number 23 hung up his jersey have we seen such a predominately displayed tongue be so vogue -- and sexy in a silly way -- in sports.

Daniel Day Lewis said "I drink it up." When it comes to Alessandro, I lick it up.

And he's not even the hottie of Azzurri's strikers. Just wait 'til you see the tall, cool drink of acqua that's Luca Toni.

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