Thursday, June 26, 2008


Italy's coach, Roberto Donadoni, got canned today. They expect to reinstate Marco Lippi, the coach who won the 2006 WC with the Azzurri, shortly. Donadoni's tenure was short, but he was given a conditional two year extension on his contract just before the Euro began. The condition, of course, being that Italy reached the semi-finals, which they didn't.

The interesting thing about this is that he's now the second person to get canned because of Italy in this tournament. Earlier in the competition, a Welsh education spokesman and chair of the finance committee had to resign after he refered to the Azzurri as "greasy wops" on a radio program.

I was utterly shocked, shocked, I tell you, to read about that incident. I thought Europeans had more intelligence and class than to make a mistake like that. Everyone knows that "wop" stands for "WithOut Papers" and is a slur specifically used for American-Italians. Honestly. Talk about picking your words more carefully. He should've just called them dagos or zips or guineas.

I don't care if it's grease or sweat, they're still hot to me.

(you knew I was gonna work in one more pic of Buffon, right?)

Spain takes on Germany on Sunday for the title. And me? I'll update you soon on all the movies I've seen in case you're in the mood for a flick.


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What an oxymoron to call the Welsh idiot an "education spokesman!"

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Alice! How's your hubby?

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How sweet of you to ask. Today (Wednesday, the 2nd) is his first day back at work. Thanks for the good thoughts!