Friday, June 20, 2008

Fabio Squared

And we're back to the footballers again. Sunday, the Azzurri take on Spain in the quarterfinals. They're still somewhat smarting with the loss of team captain Fabio Cannavaro, but lucky for me they've still got two Fabios in play. The first is Fabio Grosso, who's really quite a looker, even if he always has a slightly confused appearance about him.

He's a defender who's managed to score a few dramatic goals for Italy over the past few years. More importantly, right now, he seems to be in the best form of all the back liners. And, when D&G didn't have enough of the first round of Italian soccer player undie shots, Grosso was one of the ones called upon to to help fill out the next shoot. Personally, I just give him props for not shaving his chest.

I will say it's starting to piss me off that they feature all these guys in all these different shoots, but I can't find evidence of any Gigi modeling for them. All I can assume is that since Gigi is a sort of promotional superstar in Italy, maybe he's got conflicts or something. I found an old, fuzzy shot which may have been part of a D&G layout, but I'm not sure. Although I'm supposedly talking about the Fabios in this post, I think it's clear that Buffon is my pet favorite and I like to post pictures of him, so it's going up for inspection under the ruse that perhaps someone will have some D&G ad info for me, but we all know it's really just here because I dig the Gig.

Anyhow, the final Fabio on the roster right now is Fabio Quagliarella. He's fairly new with the Azzurri. He hasn't seen too much playing time in the tournament so far, but he's a striker and we're in need of someone to score goals. I realize that Luca Toni is just having some bad luck, but I'm wondering if it's starting to fuck with his head at this point, all those missed shots. I have a feeling that Toni is pretty much untouchable, though. But just as we saw Cassano make an appearance, I wouldn't be shocked to see Quagliarella get some play time as a substitute and his star may start to shine.

What's also of note about Fabio Q? He's kind of unbelievably good looking. Like, when I try to visualize a handsome guy, the mental picture generally bears a striking resemblance to Quagliarella.

I'm not saying this should have relevance on the starting lineup, but Luca Toni has grown a strange mustache over the past couple days. Quagliarella has not. But if a 'stache helps Toni score (a goal) then I'm all for it.

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