Friday, July 28, 2006

The Rebellion Has Begun!

Rebel Press has now officially launched! They've kicked things off with two short story collections. One is an anthology which happens to include me! It's titled Rebellion: New Voices of Fiction. Complete details, including online excerpts, are available on Rebel's website.

But I'm so thrilled to be included in this collection along with:
Robin Slick • Susan DiPlacido • Tom Saunders • Steve Hansen
Katrina DenzaMyfawny CollinsMarcus Grimm • T.J. Forrester
Grant JarrettMatt St. Amand • Tripp Reade • Donald Capone

12 great writers. 12 great stories. 1 dollar a story.
ISBN # 0-9786738-0-8
192 Pages

You can purchase direct from Rebel.

Their second book is a collection of interwoven stories by Donald Capone called Stories from Sunset Hill.

There is a plaque in Sunset Hill that reads: “Sunset Hill, where in the year 1666 Gramatan, Chief of the Mohican Indians, signed a deed transferring Eastchester to the White Man.” But local lore says Gramatan didn't relinquish his hold on the land. Some say he has a hand in what goes on in this neck of the woods, that he still watches over the residents of his town— like the man who contemplates a life of cat burglary, or the fellow who falls for an eco-terrorist, or the shop owner who has an encounter with Paul McCartney, or the guy who believes he's cursed by a pair of green panties. Come join Gramatan in this engaging collection, Stories From Sunset Hill.
Welcome to the town of Sunset Hill. Make yourself at home.

ISBN # 0-9786738-1-6
144 pages


Don Capone said...

Thanks, Susan, for the plug—and for being part of the Rebellion!

Cam said...

Cool. Congratulations to ya'll! :)

SusanD said...

Thanks, Cam!