Monday, July 31, 2006

Matthew St. Amand's Randham Acts

Matt St. Amand is one of the most talented writers that I have the pleasure of knowing. He's been a great inspiration to me, and also a good friend. I devoured his collections short stories, As My Sparks Fly Upward, before I ever even knew him and I became a fan. Then, when I got to know him, I was even more impressed by his razor wit. He's no stranger to publication. Along with Sparks< he's also pubbed poetry and satire.

Now, his debut novel is available. Randham Acts.

From the book's cover:
After receiving his latest rejection letter from a fiction magazine, aspiring writer Hugh Longford purchases The BlockBuster™ plot generation software, which analyzes fiction and suggests ways to "punch up" storylines. Soon, Longford consults the BlockBuster™ about real-life problems, including a miserable co-worker who makes his job unbearable and a "ball busting" history exam threatening to derail his university career. Meanwhile, the mother of his girlfriend suffers a catastrophic nervous breakdown suggesting she might be capable of violence.

For more info, please visit Matt's website, or to order, go here.

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