Friday, July 28, 2006

AI Fans, Bo Needs You

Last year's American Idol runner up, Bo Bice, needs your help. His debut CD is full of songs supplied to him by other songwriters, at Clive Davis's behest. Bo has asked his fans to rally and speak up if they'd like his next album to have material of his choosing on it. In response, fans have set up an online petition, and Bo responded that "That rocks!" So if you want to hear more of Bo, and more of Bo as he wants to be heard, help him out by signing this petition:

Bo Bice Petition


OldBoFan said...

Susan, thank you so much for supporting Bo the artist and this petition!

Laclos said...

Susan, thanks for endorsing the petition. You also rock!

And everyone should read 24/7! Now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bo gave his disgruntled fans some busy work. I've looked at this petition. Even at a glance, you can see it's filled with obvious prank and duplicate signatures.Read it for a giggle.

Don Capone said...

Good for Bo! Being a finalist on AI is a double-edged sword. Sure you get fame and a record deal, but then you have to record the shitty songs that they give you.

Anonymous said...

Disgruntled? I am in no way a disgruntled fan. I happen to like Bo' first album. Yes I would love to see his original music on his next album and I do support the effort to help with this.

violetta said...

I can understand why people who are Bo Bice fans want their voices heard. Fandom is a weird heightened state during which one's perceptions anad priorities shift and change. To me, an online petition trying to persuade a huge music factory to support an artist's soul is on par with dressing up in a chicken costume and taking over a square of pavement in front of the RCA building, home made placard lifted heavenward. A question to the writers here...what effect do you think a petition stating, "we the undersigned, want (insert you name here)'s novel published now" and delivered to the head office of Simon and the other guy, would have on your career and reputation?

SusanD said...

Violetta -- if you think the petition is silly, then don't sign it, by all means.

As a professional writer, what would I think if a petition was delivered to Simon & Schuster stating they should publish my (next) novel? Well, if there were 10 signatures, it wouldn't be very good. If there were 1,000 signatures, I think I'd have a damn good shot at getting my (next) novel pubbed by them, because one of the main hurdles an author faces when going through the vetting process with a big house is them being able to prove that they have a "platform" or a fan base. So personally, though I realize I'm a little guppy who probably couldn't even get the 10 signatures, if by some miracle I'd ever collect 1,000, I'd do jumping fucking jacks the whole way down the streets as my agent walked the document into the Editor's office.

Publishers and record producers just want to move units. And they'll produce whatever units they think will move.

Laclos said...

Susan, can I start that petition? Cause I want more.

Jen said...

Thanks to Susan for putting this petition on her blog!

violetta said...

Yes, I do think the petition is silly and no, I will not be signing it. Good luck to you all in your respective ventures.

Duane Graves said...
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Shemrah said...

Hi SusanD,

Just to clarify-
Bo's suggestion for the petition was in response to a fan's question asking how could we, his fans, help further along his career; support more of his original material on the next CD. (He did not outright ask us to do this.)

We, at, WANT TO MAKE IT VERY CLEAR that we are not disgruntled with his debut album, but SUPPORT it wholeheartedly! Of course, Bo would be happy to get more of his original work out to his audience, present and future. The man is an amazing songwriter as well as vocalist, musician (multiple instruments) and a first class/outstanding performer! His concerts ROCK BIG TIME, and if haven't been to one, get on over to one for an UNFORGETABLE time!

Bottom line-Bo's continued happiness is our happiness! Thanks for making mention of the petition!


Shemrah said...


Would you be so kind to modify your post. Please see my previous comment. We want your readers to get the correct information.


SusanD said...

Shemrah -- I modified it, you bet. So sorry about that confusion, I shouldn't have labeled his fans as disgruntled, when I was primarily referring to myself and my reaction to his first album. I *completely* understand what you're saying about you support it, as do most of his fans, and are just looking out for his happiness. Thanks!

dennis mahagin said...


Simple Man with
Van Zandt tan--
wise to shake down
his many fans,

otherwise Clive
gonna make him doo

a Blues Shuffle
with Daughtry

for Prell Shampoo.


SusanD said...

Dennis -- you're both brilliant and hilarious!

dennis mahagin said...


Thank you, Susan. :)

Ya know, with my man Taylor shamelessly flogging those Ford cars, I have to fight my cynicism at every freaking turn!