Sunday, September 06, 2009

Building the Perfect Beast

So, here's dumb post number one to help pass the time as we wait this whole week for the True Blood finale.

I know it's way past time to let it go, but really, when it comes to anti-heroes they really sort of took it to a new heights with Tony Soprano -- another HBO character that managed to capture the imagination (and hearts) of plenty of faithful viewers. Right now, Alexander Skarsgard is nominated for a Scream Best Villain award. Very cool. (Go vote early and often, Team Skarsgard Shirtless friends.) But it also jarred me, because I didn't really realize that Eric was a villain. I always saw him as more of an anti-hero like Tony Soprano. Sure, he does some pretty bad shit, but you can't help but root for him, either. And they have plenty of other things in common, too. In fact, I think Eric is the new Tony Soprano. Witness the amazing similarities.

Tony had the Bada Bing. Eric has Fangtasia.

Tony had a strong father he was always trying to live up to, even though his father was already dead.
Eric also worships his father-figure, Godric, who is undead.

Tony always had to deal with Uncle June -- his relative, but also a cloying underling who was a constant nag because of his insecurity.
Eric deals with Bill. 'Nuff said.

Tony had Carm. Eric has Pam.

Tony confided in and had a thing for Dr. Melfi, a brain-shrink, who brought out his softer side.
Eric has a thing for Sookie, a mind-reader, who brings out his uh, sexy side.

Tony carried a big gun. Eric has big guns.

Tony once read "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu.
Eric probably partied with Sun Tzu back in the day and gave him pointers.

Fangbangers? Fuhgedaboudit!

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