Friday, September 18, 2009

Donna Does Full Monty

My pal Donna George Storey has an incredibly sensual, sexy, and smart story up at The Erotic Woman. It's called "All Eyes Upon Her," and it takes the premise of striptease from the days of Sally Rand and updates it to suburbia. I can't imagine anyone wouldn't love it. She's even got one turn of phrase in there that is so good it sort of pissed me off and made me jealous -- and that, for me, is the mark of a great writer -- someone who just makes me both seethe and applaud because it's so good.

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Donna said...

Wow, thanks for the kind words, Susan. I'm especially thrilled because I love your stories so much--just want to kick your female characters out of bed and crawl right in beside those guys myself. And that, for me, is the mark of a kick-ass erotica writer!