Thursday, May 03, 2007


Here's the whole problem with Idol this year: Last night was supposed to be double the pleasure with a double elimination. And though both Phil and Chris got booted, I didn't really take any joy in it. They weren't that great, but both seemed like normal, decent guys, so it lacked the schadenfreude factor. It's like they went out of their way this year to get a cast that was blandly likable. And then, they've kept the personal profiling on each of them to a bare minimum. Usually by now we've had lots of behind-the-scenes glimpses and more talk time with the kids. But if they don't let the kids talk, they can't say anything to make us hate them or resent them. So they've accomplished getting a "wholesome" cast out there, but it's made for a shit year. TV contests without a villain suck. Idol with Paula sober sucks.


Jason Shaffner said...

I thought Richardson was a cheesedick, and I'd had more than my fill of his crappy dancing and nasally-is-a-form-of-singing shtick. So I guess you could say I took some pleasure in his departure.


Jean White said...

I did smile faintly this am when I heard that Chris had managed a Hooters before appearing on Idol. Gad, could that kid smirk. But, I agree, not a villain.

Susan, I appreciated your geologic metaphor. Awaiting more details on the unspeakable sexual acts your best friend performed with roadies.

Melinda did seem old as rocks when Ryan asked her a simple question about Idols Gives Back night and she said "huge" five times in two sentences. I feel so picky! There is nothing to really attack this season. Where is Mc Phee??