Thursday, May 24, 2007

Funniest moment of American Idol 2007

The following is an actual screencap taken from Tuesday night's performance show. This is an audience shot from when Jordin was performing "This is my Now."

Definitely the best moment of the season. Please, don't just focus on Melinda giving the stink eye to Jordin on stage. Also take in Chris's unimpressed, nasally grimace. Phil's inability to muster enthusiasm. Sanjaya's boredom. Sligh completely ignoring it all. LaKisha "pffting" the antics. J. Peterman hanging about in the middle of the kids. And Haley -- ENJOYING the song!

THAT was the Now.


Don Capone said...

I noticed Melinda's expression when the camera passed over her. Man, if looks could kill! "That should be me up there!!"

This is a GREAT screen cap. Lakisha looks like she is ready to kick some ass, too.

Jean White said...

Whoa! nice catch and analysis Susan! Love seeing the world through your eyes

Where oh where was our succubus last night?

SusanD said...

Don, Jean -- make sure and take note of the woman in the upper right with the look of utter shock on her face, too. it's one of those pictures that gets funnier the more you look at it.

Jean -- I know! I can't believe they didn't have Kat back ONCE. I remember that after last season wrapped up, ALL sorts of stories and gossip started leaking about how the AI producers couldn't stand her and Peisha cause they were pains in the ass. I could see her not being on the finale, since they did a "past winners" sort of thing. But not ONCE all season? I'm wondering if the gossip this season will be skewed with Jordin actually winning. Because at the end, I was getting a very distinct vibe considering how everyone gushed over how cool and classy Blake is and then they'd stay mum about Jordin.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Melinda's look last night too. It was PRICELESS, but I think she was more stunned at the schlock of a song Jordan had to sing. I notice, too, that girlfriend is wearing the SAME death cheater shirt she wore the night of her elimination. Couldn't she have found a new top??

Jean White said...

She looks like one of those ghosts in a bad chain e-mail!

I thought the producers pimped Sanjaya out to the max last night. Hilarious use of wind and lighting, subtext "behold how we can make a mediocre talent into a demi god". But check this, Sanjaya is striking back:

The LA Times noted that when Blake arrived on the red carpet he tried to give a shout out to fans. But David Hasselhoff kept jockeying for position near him in front of the camera, blocking Blake.

jen said...

I actually LOL'd at this cap. It's like Where's Wally? The longer you look at it the more it surprises you.

SusanD said...

anon-- I totally don't even get that Death Cheater shirt, either.

Jean -- The Hoff hogging the limelight. Figures.

Jen -- I know! Glad you like it.